Pokemon X and Y

It seems Nintendo is very much supportive of its Nintendo 3DS offspring, as recently they’ve announced a Pokemon X/Y bundle coming for the Nintendo 2DS. The bundle is coming to North America this Friday via Target and Toys R Us. Each retailer will sell a particular color with Target carrying the red X, and Toys R Us carrying the blue Y. The game will already be installed on the red bundle, whereas the blue will come with it pre-loaded on an SD card. Both versions will retail for a price tag of $149.99.

These bundles are aimed at “holiday shoppers,” but also for the curious gamers who have yet to pick up Nintendo’s newest handheld sensation. Well, fear not! The 2DS ditches the 3D’s signature 3D effect and the flip book design in favor of a slate-like design. Its price is much lower than a regular 3DS, and still retains backwards compatibility with Nintendo DS games. Combine this with the worldwide wonder that is Pokemon X/Y  and you have a decent bundle. That being said, the 2DS has been criticized for poor battery life.

With over 2 million copies of Pokemon X/Y sold in North America alone, Nintendo hopes to move 2DS handhelds off shelves with this interesting offer.

Source: Nintendo

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