Project Copernicus

And the dramatic chapter in the 38 Studios story still hasn’t come to a close. The auction in which the 38 Studios properties were supposed to go up for bid was moved from mid-November to December 11, last week. At that auction, the games and properties for Rise of Legends and Rise of Nations were sold off, as well as the Big Huge Games trademark. The event held by Heritage Global Partners grossed more than $320,000 and was considered an unexpected success. This is all according to court-appointed Receiver Richard J. Land.

On the flip side, according to Land, the other titles; Project Copernicus [concept art above] and Helios were not so popular with bidders, as no “acceptable offers” were made. Not all is lost, however, since Land insists on continuing “to engage negotiations with interested parties to sell the remaining assets.” Project Copernicus was originally an MMORPG  being developed by Studios 38 before everything spiraled out of control. Helios is a social/gaming platform.

Information on the prices the assets were sold under and the buyers has yet to be disclosed. It still is a huge surprise to know that some of the properties were sold, considering it was speculated they wouldn’t be if we were to consider this transitioning period between 7th and 8th generation consoles. Over 20 parties were quite interested in partaking of 38 Studios, though only five participated.

Source: Polygon

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