The Wind Rises

The news on legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film The Wind Rises just don’t seem to stop surprising us. The latest developing story revolves around the cast dubbing the film, which is comprised of leading film and television entertainers. Heading the A-list cast is the ultra talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Brick, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception). He is accompanied by his Looper co-star Emily Blunt (The Adjustment Bureau, The Devil Wears Prada, Edge of Tomorrow, My Summer of Love). Gordon-Levitt will play the leading role of Jiro Horikoshi, and Blunt will co-star as his love interest Naoko Satomi.

On describing his role, Gordon-Levitt hinted at being a fan of Miyazaki’s previous works, specifically Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. The actor believes this Studio Ghibli feature is a bit more realistic in its depiction of reality and history, yet it’s still magical enough to draw you in.

Clearly the work of someone who’s a master at their craft. This  one is more grounded in human beings and a historical moment in time. There’s still a flavor of magic in it as you go inside the mind of this aeronautics engineer and you see him walking on the wings of airplanes in his dream.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He even went on to Tweet that the movie is “one of the best” he’s ever seen, while during a recording session.

Blunt praises Miyazaki as she considers this to be his most complex work and a fitting swan song for his 50-plus year legacy in the anime industry.

It’s that dreamlike idea of thinking for one’s self. My character represents that idea, that purity of dreaming for a better world, and that’s partly because she knows she hasn’t got long in this world.

Blunt believes The Wind Rises speaks to everyone with its universal message of “we must live.”

“We must live” is a line audiences will hear in the movie. And it’s through our losses and our accomplishments, as if we’re emboldened by our dreams, that we must live. That’s a really deep message for a lot of people.

Here is the full cast for the English dub:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jiro Horikoshi
Emily Blunt as Naoko Satomi
John Krasinski as Honjo
Stanley Tucci as Giovanni Batista Caproni
William H. Macy as Mr. Satomi
Mandy Patinkin as Hatori
Mae Whitman as Kayo
Elijah Wood as Sone
Darren Criss as Katayama
Ronan Farrow as Mitsubishi employee

Also featuring performances by…

Martin Short as Kurokawa
Jennifer Grey as Mrs. Kurokawa
Werner Herzog as Castorp

The Wind Rises continues racking up awards left and right as we head into the awards season. Last week, it was nominated for a Golden Globe in the Foreign Film category. The film’s composer Joe Hisaishi was also shortlisted for the Academy Award category for Best Original Score. In addition, the movie recently picked up the Toronto Film Critics Association award for Best Animated Feature, and was also nominated in the same category by the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. The Wind Rises will be released across US theaters on February 21, 2014.


The film has just picked up the Chicago Film Critics Award as well as the Online Film Critics Award for Best Animated Feature. Spirited Away won the latter award back in 2003.

Source: USA Today

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