Here at Weeaboos With Controllers our mission is simple: cover the latest news and trends in the wonderful world of anime/manga and video games. We aim to keep our readers up to date on the latest happenings in both fields, as well as anything else that falls within that spectrum.

Japan is also another topic of interest that you will see us mention frequently, since so many things that we love are exported from the country. Of course, you can also expect plenty of original content from our team in the form of reviews, previews, features and our wacky weekly podcast where our unique brand of humor really shines. Thanks for checking out our site. Stick around and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of our latest updates.

Bryan “Rin” Gaitan



I am the editor-in-chief and co-founder of the site. I focus my attention entirely and am solely responsible for the anime, manga, and any Japan related material on the site. I also divert my attention to game reviews, previews, news, and features. I’m very interested in creative writing as a medium, thus I fancy writing critiques. I also like to write in my spare time, read manga, and watch as much anime as possible. Whatever time is left open, I try to focus it on my PSN and Xbox Live account which are RMoog88 and MRin88 respectively. If you have any questions, want to contact me, or just want to say hi, holler at me through either of those accounts or through my e-mail which can be found above.


Yomar “Yomaru” Hernandez

Managing Editor & Public Relations


I am the managing editor and co-founder of the site and handle all the public relations. I also fill in and do a little bit of everything else on the site, such as contributing news, previews, reviews and taking care of our weekly podcast. My main hobbies include video games, computer science, and anime. I’m also a huge fan of indie movies and TV shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The IT Crowd. I can usually be found working on the website or hanging around Xbox Live. I am the spokesperson for the site, so if you have any questions, comments, or concerns then don’t be afraid to shoot me an e-mail.


Danyell “Dotta” Mitchell

Associate Editor


I’m an editor and artist on this site, so obviously I write reviews on games and draw. There are also instances in which I write about news as well. My pastimes consist of biking, movie watching, reading and working too much. I have a preference for console gaming over the PC. My escape from reality is helped along by my Xbox 360, followed by the Wii. In addition to owning those two systems, I also have a PS2 and PS1 console. Hopefully, the PS3 will be a future purchase.