Watch Dogs new release date is after April 2014, is no longer a launch title

Watch Dogs

It has been announced by Ubisoft that Watch Dogs will not be released in November of this year. Instead, the game has a planned date for Ubisoft’s next fiscal year which is in April 2014. Ubisoft’s driving/crime oriented game, The Crew is also delayed until some time in 2014. The game was scheduled to be a launch title for Sony and Microsoft’s Ps4 and Xbox One respectively.

Brazilians will have to pay about $1,850 USD for PS4


Times are hard for the US. With a recovering economy, people have to make tough decisions in order to survive. Thanks to Sony’s affordable price of $399, many players can forgo food in order to purchase the PS4 with peace of mind. Still, you can’t make everyone happy, so some players might still find $399 a hefty price. I’m sure these few individuals would change their mind if they knew that Brazilians will be paying about $1,850 USD for their PS4.

UK retailer Simply Games wants to charge more for PS4 bundles

PS4 simply games

Didn’t Sony promise us a decently priced next gen console? Apparently, UK retailer Simply Games doesn’t want to play by the rules. The PlayStation Community Forum states, that Simply Games will discontinue PlayStation 4 pre-orders if customers don’t purchase  more expensive hardware bundles before the console’s launch.

Sleeping Dogs getting a sequel, possible 2014 release

Sleeping Dogs

Are you as excited as I am? It doesn’t matter! I can be excited all by myself! There appears to have been a United Front Games’s trademark called “Triad Wars” floating around. But recently, a developer from that company confirmed that “Triad Wars” is in fact the Sleeping Dogs sequel.  Now, I can relive hours of Wei Chen and all his glistening, chiseled glory on screen. The game should be based in the Sleeping Dogs same universe and United Front Games will continue to work with Square Enix.

Nintendo will end Wii production in Japan soon

The beginning of the end has come for the beloved Wii. Its demise is set to begin in Japan. Had Japanese to English translator Cheesemeister not spotted this information, we might not have ever known about it until it was too late. There is no date of when the Wii hardware production will end, but it was on August 29th when Nintendo posted that hardware production will stop in the near future.

Half-Life 3 trademark spotted in Europe

Half Life 2

It seems Half-Life 3 has officially been trademarked. I’m sure fans of the game are prancing in the streets from their glee right about now. They’re not the only ones who should be pleased of this though. It’s been thrown around for a long time that Valve doesn’t know what comes after the number two. However, with the news of Half-Life 3 being trademarked and then the infamous plans for Left For Dead 3 floating about, there is hope for players yet.

Grand Theft Auto Online already having glitches and saving issues

GTA VOnline

After weeks of full immersion within the world of Grand Theft Auto V, today is the launch of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto Online mode. Loyal players from all around have logged on ready to wreck havoc and create crews. However, there seems to be a small problem: players are reporting that they’re losing their save files after installing the patch to play online. If that wasn’t bad enough, once players are able to play online, hard lock freezes were reported, difficulties creating characters, and worst of all, single player mode is unplayable for other players. Rockstar is already aware of the multiplayer problems and has created a list, but have not spoken about the single player glitches.

Valve’s Steam Controller is a now a reality

Steam Controller

Valve has surfaced for the third time in a week with another announcement concerning its bid for the living room, this time with the Steam Controller.  The controller is a little peculiar in its appearance. Its form consists of a straight top and curved body, unlike that of the hilly surfaces of most controllers today. Rather than having the four face buttons nestled on the right side of its body, they surround the controller’s touchscreen. Beneath the touch screen lie three additional buttons and of course, there are various triggers and back buttons as well.

PlayStation 4 exclusive Deep Down destined to be free to play

YouTube Preview Image

It was announced by Capcom at the Tokyo Game Show this year, that Deep Down would be Sony’s opportunity to venture forth into the free to play realm.

GTA V makes $800 million in its first 24 hours

grand theft auto V-1

Rejoice one and all for Grand Theft Auto V has surpassed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with a whopping $800 million in sales. The good news doesn’t end there. Among the UK, GTA V also knocked Black Ops 2 off its pedestal as the fastest growing game within the region. GTA V also bested Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by two days. Of course, Strauss Zelnick, chairman and CEO of Take-Two is pleased with the news of its game’s supremacy:

All of us at Take-Two are thrilled with the initial response to Grand Theft Auto 5. Once again, the team at Rockstar Games have outdone themselves, setting the entertainment industry’s new standard for creativity, innovation and excellence.

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