The Iconoclasts Preview: Pixel perfect platforming

The Iconoclasts

Developer(s): Joakim Sandberg

Platform(s): PC

When I stumbled across this game, my expectations were standard, but those expectations were gradually blown away, one-by-one. The Iconoclasts showed me the capabilities of a single human in developing an unfinished game. This unfinished game is more impressive to me than many games which have been completed and developed by entire teams of people with money in their pockets.

Kojima wants recognition for more than just Metal Gear

Hideo Kojima has been quite successful in working on properties which aren’t Metal Gear, but despite that fact, Metal Gear remains as the single franchise that people know him by. Speaking in an interview with EGM, he shared his thoughts on how he would prefer to be remembered down the road.

Animal Crossing sold out in Japan, production isn’t fast enough

It has become quite clear that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is far more popular than Nintendo had ever anticipated. Following only a few weeks after launch, the game has completely sold out in Japan. Usually this wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but there are circumstances in play which will make the wait for another wave of copies on the shelves quite long.

Sony patents a hybrid between Move and DualShock controllers

A recently discovered patent application (which was filed last May) from Sony reveals their plans for an optional controller for the future. It’s called the “Hybrid Separable Motion Controller,” and it looks like a literal fusion of the regular DualShock controller and the Move controller, in the form of one controller which divides into two halves.

Ouya’s first consoles to ship in December

So the first news in a while regarding the Ouya addresses none other than the scheduling of the first shipments of the console. Julie Urhman, the creator of Ouya, wrote up a blog post today revealing the details, confirming that Ouya production is going smoothly without delays.

The Humble THQ Bundle has netted over $2 million

YouTube Preview Image

Within a little over the first 24 hours of its launch, THQ’s Humble Bundle earned $2,386,749.04 and counting. That’s a pretty big deal considering that it’s not an indie bundle. For those who haven’t heard, the bundle included some very nice titles, such as Saint’s Row 3 and Metro 2033 among other things, so it’s very much worth looking into if you haven’t experienced the games which it offers.

Jason Rubin, the president of THQ, comes up as being the top contributor to the bundle so-far, having payed $1,050 for games that he could have gotten for free (or possibly already owns). It’s likely that most of his contributions go to charity, given the publicity of the transaction.

Source: Humble Bundle

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney gets a launch trailer in Japan

YouTube Preview Image

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney is finally launching in Japan, and with it comes a rather substantial trailer. You get a big juicy serving of animated cutscenes from the game, as well as some minor clips of actual gameplay footage, and to top it all off, some lovely Professor Layton and Ace Attorney music.

Many people are seriously hoping for a Western localization, so here’s to hoping for a successful sales forecast for the title.

The Wii U’s CPU and GPU details have been revealed

Typically, Nintendo is always reluctant to reveal details regarding the performance capabilities of their consoles. That still hasn’t changed in the case of the Wii U; however, a well-known hacker known as ‘Marcan’ has uncovered the numbers for us. Now we can take a good look at where the Wii U stands as far as processing goes.

Iwata claims that the skepticism around the Wii U will soon leave

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata recently spoke in regards to the skepticism surrounding the Wii U, claiming that it will quickly dissipate in the near future.

Square Enix will be gone if they make another mistake like FFXIV

This is a big one, folks. You’re probably familiar with the recent commercial failure that was Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix is currently working to rebuild the game completely and rerelease it in the future. However, according to the game’s director Naoki Yoshida, the company cannot afford another bomb in sales like this.

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