The Spike VGA nominees have been announced

The 2012 Spike Video Game Awards has revealed its current top-nominated games. The overall top games are Assassin’s Creed III, Dishonored, Journey, Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead. Some results are unsurprising, while others may very well be, with Journey and The Walking Dead up there, it’s interesting to see “smaller” projects making their way to the top, especially for something as much of a popularity contest as the VGAs.

Black Ops II nets half-a-billion dollars in one day

The launch day for Black Ops II was yet another display of CoD’s overwhelming popularity. It was recently reported from GameStop that 1 million copies were sold, but the real numbers hadn’t been revealed as to how much money was made from the game thusfar. Within the fir 24 hours of its launch, Black Ops II nabbed $500 million. That is absolutely ludicrous.

ArmA 3 developers refused bail from Greek jails

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar are employees of Bohemia Interactive, the company which is developing ArmA III. 70 days ago, they were arrested in Greece on charges of espionage, and have been in a jail cell ever since. Due to a strike in the Greece’s legal system (it’s not a happy fun-time in that country right now) they are having to wait much longer than usual in order to have their appeal heard.

PlayStation All-Stars DLC includes 2 new characters


Sony has recently announced that two more characters will be joining the roster for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale via DLC. We can expect to see the main character of Gravity Rush for the Vita (Kat), as well as the main character of Starhawk, whom is evidently named Emmett Graves (I honestly didn’t know, and I played the game).

Microsoft is sending Xbox LIVE vets a free Xbox 360

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Xbox LIVE, Microsoft is giving away free Xbox 360 consoles to veterans of the service. These Xbox 360s are special, however, as they are fitted with a custom “decade of entertainment” paint job (pictured above) along with a custom controller to match.

Black Ops 2 sold 1 million units at GameStop during launch

Tony Bartel, president of of GameStop, spoke to Bloomberg Businessweek recently about the number of sales that the company saw for retail copies of Black Ops 2 at launch day, adding that he expects the game to break sales records for the company. The game had sold over 1 million copies at its midnight launch in GameStop stores. Amazon also displayed a similarly positive reaction to the popularity of the game, recently Tweeting that “Black Ops 2 broke records and is now our most pre-ordered game ever!”

The 3DS outsells the Vita 47-to-1 in Japan

Handheld console sales in Japan have been favoring the Nintendo 3DS over the PlayStation Vita thusfar, but now it has reached new extremes. It’s been reported that the number of units sold for the Vita within the previous week were 4,021. By contrast, the 3DS sold 187,077 units in that same week, that’s 47-times more than the Vita.

Grand Theft Auto V gets a second trailer

YouTube Preview Image

So here it is, the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 in all its glory. If the first trailer didn’t get you excited, then this one just might. It shows off the characters of the game in a charming fashion, giving us glimpses of what appear to be mostly cutscenes. The game looks extremely promising, and I’m sure it’ll be exciting to get any further details on any of the elements of  this game, given how interesting the story looks compared to previous installments in the series… Oh and also the game looks beautiful.

Whore of the Orient rumored to finish development in 2015

KMM Interactive recently posted a job listing for positions to work on their upcoming video game project Whore of the Orient. The listing reads that the game will be a “narrative action-adventure” which is “similar in genre to LA Noire.” It was also noted that the game will utilize the same MotionScan technology which was so iconic in LA Noire.

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen explains how the Nintendo Network functions

YouTube Preview Image

The translator for Nintendo, Bill Trinen, gives us the details on how all of the online features of the Wii U work, and how they are intended to be utilized. The main focus is convenience, with things like the tablet controller being a portable game screen, and the ability to seamlessly switch between playing a game, browsing the internet, and watching sports programs.

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