The shows that mattered: our picks for best anime of 2013

Attack on Titan


This year we saw the release of a number of high profile and interesting anime come out of Japan. From space Nazis and disturbed school girls, to tanukis and overly flamboyant swimmers; 2013 was memorable to say the least. Out of everything I watched, and despite a rather disappointing conclusion, I believe that the best anime of this year was definitely Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Produced by Wit Studio with help from Production I.G., and based on a manga by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan brought a lot originality and freshness to the art form which I hadn’t seen in years. In a way, it made me fall in love with anime again and brought back memories of being a kid and waiting every week just to see what would happen next.

Why you should buy an Xbox One over a PS4

Xbox One

The Xbox One’s launch is now only mere hours away, and if you haven’t decided to get one yet you most likely won’t even have the opportunity for a while. Just like the PS4, Microsoft’s next-gen console is sold out everywhere and is in high demand, which is odd considering there’s so many fanboys saying that no one wants one and that it has already failed before even coming out. I disagree with such baseless comments, and if you give me a little bit of your time, I will attempt to prove to you why that’s not true at all. The Xbox One is no failure, and it’s not inferior to the PS4 in any way that really matters in the end. This is a next-gen console that offers its own host of innovative features, solid launch titles, and a promising future.

The cosplayers we saw and loved at NYCC 2013 – Part 2

NYCC 2013

Continuing our [Dotta's] adoration and fascination with the art of cosplaying, we bring you the remaining images of the talented artists we saw at NYCC this year. These individuals crawled under the skin of the characters they embodied. Obviously, our dear Dotta takes note and proceeds to worship these fans-turned-artists. Honestly, I don’t blame her.

The cosplayers we saw and loved at NYCC 2013 – Part 1

NYCC 2013

For those of you who don’t know, we went to New York Comic Con 2013 and took plenty of pictures. We captured the inner geek of those willing to dress themselves as their favorite characters and show it off with pride. We here at Weeaboos with Controllers don’t discriminate cosplayers. We captured fans from all over; whether it’s anime/manga/video game related or not, we snapped cosplayers ranging from The Walking Dead to One Piece. As I said, we don’t discriminate. We did take quite a bit of photographs, and thus I’ll have to split this article into two. And with that out of the way, let’s get started.

Kent Hudson on The Novelist, creativity, and going independent

The Novelist

The Novelist is a brand new indie game by Kent Hudson through his one man studio, Orthogonal Games. After having worked on numerous big budget titles in the industry and feeling creatively frustrated, Hudson decided to try his luck and went completely independent. The goal of his first project is to create a game where a player’s choices matter to the narrative and help shape its outcome. The game centers around the character Dan Kaplan, a novelist who is struggling to keep both his family and career from falling apart. Players take on the role of a ghostly presence whose goal is to help the family become whole again by guiding them through the difficult choices that we all make in our lives.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Kent, and were able to ask him some questions regarding his game, inspirations, the current state of indie games on consoles, and where he plans to go next.

Top 7 video game cosplayers you can only hope to look like


We geeks are a special breed of people. Our intellect usually surpasses those of the general populace, we’re able to obtain decent to above average grades with little effort, and our hobbies aren’t just seen as entertainment, but a way of life. So when we love something, we want to embody that entity in anyway possible. This could be by memorizing all the special moves of a fighting game, knowing the best item combinations for champions that lead to a particular build in a strategy game, or spending months creating clothing and props to become the character themselves. This piece is dedicated to those individuals, those cosplayers who have gone over and beyond to be their favorite character. So, here it is: the seven best video game cosplayers we’ve seen.

Lock and load: The top 6 best shooters on iOS

Top 6 first-person shooters on iOS

First-person (and third-person) shooters are definitely popular these days, with major franchises selling millions of copies and making the game publishers a pretty penny. The genre hit it big on PC’s at first, but then caught fire on home consoles in recent years. While it’s always great to enjoy these games in front of a high-resolution computer monitor or a nice, big HDTV, we don’t always have that luxury. Sometimes we’re on the road, at work or at school, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop gaming. Thanks to powerful modern devices like the iPhone, we never have to let our fingers rest. Which titles should you spend your time and money on? Well, here’s the top 6 best shooters on iOS, courtesy of our partner Soletron.

The top 10 worst movies based on games

movies based on games

Gamers dread many things related their hobby, from sequels to their favorite franchises by unknown developers to hearing about layoffs at a studio they like. But one of the things that gamers dread the most is when they find out that one of their favorite titles will be adapted into a film. While usually some are optimistic about the outcome, most will automatically trash the movie before it even starts shooting. But with so many bad movie adaptations since this art form began, can you really blame them for it? Especially after they’ve seen many of the worst movies based on games listed in the feature below, courtesy of our partner Soletron.

Top 10 glitches in The Sims 3 that are no longer with us

The Sims 3

One of the unintentional pleasures that come out of playing games is finding glitches and bugs that just make you giggle. From characters with creepy spinning heads in Fallout: New Vegas to the famous swing set in Grand Theft Auto IV that sends cars flying thousands of feet in the air. Many times these glitches are found randomly and are then spread quickly over the internet, but other times they go unnoticed until they get patched and their existence is officially revealed. In the case of The Sims 3, it’s the latter method. Check out these highly amusing and just plain weird glitches that have been patched out of the game over the years, courtesy of our partners over at Soletron.

Manga Mania: From humble art form to worldwide phenomenon


Japanese manga is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world, and has influenced many other art forms to various degrees. The word ‘manga’ itself translates to ‘comics’ or ‘cartoons,’ but outside of Japan it’s used to describe the particular style of graphic novel the country is famous for. Not only has manga been the source of inspiration for many of the biggest anime series on television, it has also spawned imitations in places like China, Taiwan, South Korea, and even France. While there is some disagreement as to the true origins of the art form, most agree that modern manga originated after World War II, during the U.S. Occupation of Japan (from 1945-1952) and the years that followed the occupation (1952 to the early 1960s).  As such, what is today known as manga took a lot of influence from the culture and art of the United States.

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