Titanfall dev claims to not have bribed press for positive coverage


In the gaming industry, whenever a game gets too much spotlight, gamers begin to question its tabloid coverage. Remember the fallout between former GameSpot journalist Jeff Gertsmann and GameSpot higher-ups about Kane & Lynch: Dead Men? This in turn lead to a heated debate on whether video game press coverage is nothing more than paid yellow journalism. That has been a touchy subject for several years, and recently it’s been making headlines again with the press coverage of Titanfall, which has been questioned for its credibility.

New Dark Souls II trailer sings a Hollow Lullaby

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In the coming weeks before the launch of Dark Souls II, there is a certain rush of anxiety coming from the hundreds of thousands who played the first game. This desperation is attributed to the sudden urge to play the most difficult-dungeon crawler that will hit consoles this year. In fact, it could be argued that Dark Souls II is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and it could turn out to be one of the year’s best.

Best Game Show Ever proves that love and games are a winning combination

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With Valentine’s Day upon us, a lot of people are quickly getting into the spirit of the holiday in the most old fashioned and trite way possible. Flowers, chocolates, expensive jewelry and fancy dinners will consume people this Friday, but we gamers know better. Just cozying up next to your partner and playing some co-op on Left 4 Dead will do the trick, and that right there is true romance. And it seems that I’m not alone in this line of thinking, as the latest episode of Best Game Show Ever has hit YouTube and it’s all about the joys of dating gamers and why it’s such a good idea.

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster gets sappy for Valentine’s Day

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air and the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster is adding its two cents (in this case, lovers) to the mix. Whoever has played both games should know that Tidus and Yuna were truly an inseparable couple. They fought against and overcame all odds in order to be together… until the end. To fully witness their relationship develop, one had to endure a really awkward whistling scene at some point.

Video games are envisioned as romance novels by this artist

Final Fantasy X

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, an illustrator named Echo Chernik has transformed some of the most well-known couples (and whatnot) within video games into romance novels. Better yet, she’s transposed the cliche onto a book cover to flesh out the obvious romantic implications between each couple. Some of these couples are the same old we’ve come to know and love, yet others were an unexpected and refreshing surprise. Click the jump to see them all.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 demos its battle system

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Square Enix’s continuation in the Final Fantasy 13 saga continues strong with the upcoming recent chapter in the series. This time around, I won’t describe specifics on its story and characters, however, I will mention the battle system. According to this trailer, the battle system is now an “evolved” form of what it used to be in the two previous FFXIII entries. Final Fantasy 13 introduced the “Paradigm” system, which allowed you to customize your party your way. Well, this new system seems to be a step above that one.

Microsoft caught paying YouTubers to promote the Xbox One

Xbox One Promotion

Microsoft has seemingly been caught with its pants down this week as a new controversy has arisen regarding a certain promotion that the company engaged in. The details are quickly leaking out from various sources, but essentially Microsoft has been caught attempting to pay popular YouTube creators extra money in order to make positive videos about the Xbox One. The scandal mainly revolves around the popular gaming network Machinima, which partnered with Microsoft to offer creators an extra $3 per 1000 views for a possible 1.25 million combined views. The total budget for the campaign was therefore only $3,750, which is chump change for a huge corporation. Even with so little money at stake and divided among many people, some still took up the promotion and followed the guidelines to get paid. Below is the leaked email that explained what they needed to do:

The Walking Dead used as a teaching tool in a Norwegian school

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You read that title correctly. Telltale Games’ much lauded The Walking Dead series of  video games is being used in a school in Norway as a way to educate students on ethics. The game’s crippling moral dilemmas are used during class as one student navigates through the story, and the others watch as he comes across these. Whenever he’s asked to make choice within the game, the entire class gets to vote on it and a decision is made. The students, then proceed to discuss the majority decision and each explains why such a decision was made.

Horror manga Tokyo Ghoul will be adapted to anime

Tokyo Ghoul

An anime adaptation for the dark fantasy/horror manga series Tokyo Ghoul has been green-lit. The news broke on volume 10 of the manga, which had a wrap-around jacket headlining the mega spoiler. More details will be revealed soon on further volumes of Weekly Young Jump according to sources. Click the jump to learn more about Tokyo Ghoul.

Curses! From Software keeps teasing us with Dark Souls II

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This Dark Souls II trailer is quickly becoming one of the biggest teases I have seen thus far this year. From Software and Namco Bandai are doing a hell of a job in selling this game to the uninitiated and the established fan-base. In it, we see a few new faces, but even better, we learn of the new lore the game will introduce to the story. Apparently, you will play as the cursed protagonist on a quest to the forgotten land of the north, Agito– just kidding — Drangleic.

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