Apocalypse DayZ Episode 2 released, offers cans galore

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After months of anticipation, the second episode of the Apocalypse DayZ web series has finally been released. Episode 2 continues the adventures of young DayZ player Xtian, as he hunts down a notorious hacker that is ruining the fun on the server he and his friends call home. This time around he gets a potential lead on his target, only to discover that he won’t be going anywhere until he fixes up an old abandoned pickup truck.

Atlus now has free reign to revive classic Sega franchises


Back in September we reported on Sega’s acquisition of game developer Atlus and its parent company Index Holdings. While this caused some fans to worry about the future of the Persona developers, it seems there was really nothing to worry about. Atlus has been doing fine in recent months and is reportedly quite happy working under Sega’s umbrella. The studio recently announced Persona 5 which has been highly anticipated, but now that they work for Sega they’ve also gained a vast and invaluable resource: access to old and dormant game franchises.

Report: No link between violent games and Sandy Hook shooter

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A new report was released this week detailing the findings of investigators working on the case of Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza. In it they reveal a number of facts about the shooter and what his motives might have been, and video games don’t appear to have played any part. That is unless you consider Dance Dance Revolution a murder simulator, as it seems that Lanza was supremely obsessed with that game. According to the report, he would consistently drive up to his local theater “most every Friday through Sunday,” and would end up playing “four to ten hours.”

Funimation licenses Eureka Seven, will be out on Blu-ray

Eureka Seven

Funimation has officially licensed Eureka Seven and plans on re-releasing it on Blu-ray and DVD. Unfortunately, not much else was said about this re-release. Previous licensor Bandai Entertainment had released the series over several DVD volumes and box sets between 2006-07. Funimation has also licensed its sequel Eureka Seven: AO and released it on North America in two sets of Blu-ray/DVD this year. The popular series once aired on Adult Swim way back in 2006, and recently wrapped an encore run on Toonami. The anime was popular enough to commission a film called Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers in 2009.

Ghibli’s latest film Kaguya-hime no Monogatari leads the Japanese box office

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It’s been quite some time since we reported anything about Studio Ghibli’s Kaguya-hime no Monogatari, the latest film by Isao Takahata. The film earned a solid ¥284 million yen (approx. $2.8 million) during its opening weekend across 456 movie theaters. These numbers don’t quite compare to Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises, which had an opening weekend of ¥961 million yen ($9.66 million) across 454 screens. In spite of that, these are quite impressive numbers considering this is Mr. Takahata’s first feature since 1999′s My Neighbor the Yamadas.

The Xbox One gets a teardown, reveals replaceable hard drive

Xbox One

You might want to think this one through when you get your brand new Xbox One console. You can replace the console’s hard drive, but it will void your warranty. This goes against Sony’s open policy for replacing the PlayStation 4′s hard drive, since it doesn’t support expandable storage. Microsoft, on the other hand, plans to support external storage drives for the Xbox One in the future. Having said that, this is about the upcoming console and not a comparison and contrast.

Sony says failure rate of PS4 affects 1 percent of consoles


Only a few days after launch, several disappointed PS4 owners began to express their distress at the failure of their units. Sony quickly stepped up and stated these were “isolated incidents” and that only 0.4 percent were affected. Well, now the figures have changed according to a Sony Computer Entertainment of America spokesperson. According to the company, the percentage is still relatively small; being 1% percent of all produced units reporting issues. However, this is still greater than the number originally reported.

Spike’s VGX Awards 2013 nominees announced, Mario and Tomb Raider make the cut

BioShock Infinite

Spike TV has rebranded their VGAs into the VGX Awards, and this year numerous surprises made the final list, among them Super Mario 3D World and Tomb Raider. Both of them comprise the nominees for the Game of the Year category. Also competing are, BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V. The name of the awards isn’t the only thing Spike is reworking, since now they’re directly asking for a public vote on which the VGX Advisory Council “should” pick as the best game of 2013.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remasters are delayed until March 2014

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For those of us expecting the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remasters sometime before the end of this year, we will have to wait until March next year. The delay is only affecting North America and Europe, as Japan has a projected release date of December 26, 2013. Both continents will now have to wait it out until March 18 and March 21 respectively. Curiously enough, Square Enix stated in a press release that future details will follow the PS Vita release for NA and EU.

PS4 launch a success, over 1 million consoles sold on first day


Sony has plenty to celebrate right now, as today they announced that their next generation PlayStation 4 ended up selling over 1 million units on its first day. The sales figures are only for the US and Canada so far, where the PS4 launched earlier this week on November 15. Sony will launch the console in Europe later this month on November 29, followed by Japan much later on February 22, 2014.

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