weeaboos with a podcast ep. 84: The Calm Before the Storm

Metal Gear Solid V : Ground Zeroes

Disclaimer: weeaboos with a podcast is crude, lewd, and full of dudes. If you are easily offended by dark humor, foul language, and rampant lunacy, then stay far, far away. You have been warned.

On this week’s episode: we become total cheapskates and take a dip into the free-to-play realm. We try out both Hello Hero and Path of Exile and see which game is actually worth paying for. Afterwards, we discuss the recently announced details on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and its budget price of $20. Will the game turn out to be nothing more than a glorified demo, or will Hideo Kojima deliver some serious bang for our buck? Finally, we wrap up our wangs with some notable news such as Microsoft admitting defeat to Valve on the PC, Sony’s super duper PS4 FAQ, and Square Enix’s recent financial success with Final Fantasy XIV.

Microsoft admits defeat on PC gaming, praises Valve’s efforts

Games for Windows Live

Microsoft has all but thrown in the towel when it comes to PC gaming. Back in August the company closed its Games for Windows Live Marketplace–preventing gamers from purchasing new titles—and there’s rumors swirling that the remaining parts of the service will be axed in July of 2014. The surprising part is not that they failed (anyone could have seen that coming), but that they’ve gracefully admitted defeat at the hands of their biggest competitor: Valve. Recently Microsoft Game Studios chief Phil Spencer not only spoke about his company’s mistakes, but he also praised Valve for all the things they did right on the PC.

Half-Life 3 trademark spotted in Europe

Half Life 2

It seems Half-Life 3 has officially been trademarked. I’m sure fans of the game are prancing in the streets from their glee right about now. They’re not the only ones who should be pleased of this though. It’s been thrown around for a long time that Valve doesn’t know what comes after the number two. However, with the news of Half-Life 3 being trademarked and then the infamous plans for Left For Dead 3 floating about, there is hope for players yet.

Valve’s Steam Controller is a now a reality

Steam Controller

Valve has surfaced for the third time in a week with another announcement concerning its bid for the living room, this time with the Steam Controller.  The controller is a little peculiar in its appearance. Its form consists of a straight top and curved body, unlike that of the hilly surfaces of most controllers today. Rather than having the four face buttons nestled on the right side of its body, they surround the controller’s touchscreen. Beneath the touch screen lie three additional buttons and of course, there are various triggers and back buttons as well.

weeaboos with a podcast ep. 79: Psychopathic Tendencies

Grand Theft Auto V

Disclaimer: weeaboos with a podcast is crude, lewd, and full of dudes. If you are easily offended by dark humor, foul language, and rampant lunacy, then stay far, far away. You have been warned.

On this week’s episode: we read the deceptive short story Hidden in the Pottery by Rumiko Takahashi, but afterwards the focus is all on the biggest game of the year, Grand Theft Auto V. We give our thoughts on the game’s open world, narrative, characters, and then discuss the impact that the series has had on gaming and society at large. How does Grand Theft Auto stack up against its biggest competition, Call of Duty? Has GTA really made gamers more violent after all these years? Does GTA V’s torture scene go too far? Also, where does Rockstar take the series from here, and how much bigger and detailed can these games become? Finally, we wrap up the show with some notable news such as the sad passing of former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, and Valve’s recent push for the living room with SteamOS and Steam Machines.

Valve enters the living room with newly revealed Steam Machines

Steam Machines

Yesterday was all about Valve’s new gaming operating system called SteamOS, and today is all about the hardware side of things. They’re officially called Steam Machines, and according to the company it’s a “powerful new category of living-room hardware.” As previously hinted at, the “SteamBox” that has been rumored for months won’t be just produced by Valve, but by a slew of different manufacturers from all over the tech industry.

Valve announces SteamOS, an operating system designed for gaming


Valve may not be ready to reveal their plans for hardware just yet, but they’re one step closer with the recently announced SteamOS. Billed as a computer gaming operating system based on Linux, Valve says that this new platform will blur the lines between consoles and computers and bring PC gaming to the living room. Similar in concept to Google’s ChromeOS, SteamOS is an operating system dedicated to playing games using Steam and its various features and services. As such the OS is light on resources and gives game developers much more access to a computer’s hardware, which means better performance.

Valve announces Steam Family Sharing plan, beta coming soon

Steam Family Sharing

Taking a page out of Microsoft’s playbook, Valve has announced Steam Family Sharing, a new feature for their service that will allow users to share their vast library of titles with their loved ones. The service will be available in the future for PC, Mac, and Linux, with a very limited beta starting next week to test the waters. Valve says that not only will friends and family have total access to your games, but they will even have their own separate achievements and save data via the Steam Cloud.

weeaboos with a podcast ep. 72: You Die in the Game, You Die for Real

Sword Art Online

Disclaimer: weeaboos with a podcast is crude, lewd, and full of dudes. If you are easily offended by dark humor, foul language, and rampant lunacy, then stay far, far away. You have been warned.

On this week’s episode: We jack into the virtual reality world of Sword Art Online and give our initial impressions of the anime’s first two episodes. Is the show as groundbreaking as some have made it out to be? Also, how will Sword Art Online fare on Toonami against ratings juggernauts like Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece? Afterwards, we discuss some notable news from this past week such as the worldwide reveal of EverQuest Next, the new upcoming Sailor Moon anime series, the first leaked gameplay footage of Team Bondi’s Whore of the Orient, Sega’s interest in buying Persona developer Atlus, and the rumors regarding Valve and Left 4 Dead 3.

Anime/Manga of the Week: Sword Art Online

Left 4 Dead 3 listing spotted on Valve HQ computer

Left 4 Dead 3

A group of Dota 2 players from Reddit got more than they bargained for when they were recently given a tour of Valve’s Seattle headquarters. Some curious fellow snapped a photo of an unattended computer with a change log, and in the process discovered references to both Left 4 Dead 3 and the new Source 2 engine hiding between entries for Dota 2. A Reddit user named “CyborgMatt” then produced an enhanced and zoomed in version of the picture, clearly showing references to the rumored projects (click to enlarge).

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